Access Other Sites with My Hall Pass

Your district or school may integrate with other websites to provide a service for you, such as notification sights supplying you with calls or texts concerning school closings, or online grading tools, or other tools that require a separate user name and password.

To provide you a seamless connection to those others sites, where you won't have to constantly stop to enter a user name and password, you can now use the Hall Pass feature to access these additional websites. Whether you are a student, parent, teacher, and other staff member, the Hall Pass feature lets you save your sign-on information to the other websites directly from your school's Edline website. Then, any time you want to access that website, you can launch it directly from Hall Pass without needing to enter that sign-on information again.

The Hall Pass feature is currently available for district-level single sign-on only. This feature is not available for individual schools. The district must setup Hall Pass for the schools.

How to Setup Hall Pass for the First Time

The first time you access the external website through your school's Edline website, you will need to enter the login information, such as your user name and password.

Watch a TutorialUsing My Hall Pass

  1. From the My Edline menu, under the My Account section, click My Hall Pass.
  2. From the Tools tab, select the name of the product to access.
  3. In the Credentials frame, type any additional information, such as a user name or password.
  4. Click Save after each product.

How to Access Other Sites through My Hall Pass

The next time you need to access the website through your school's Edline website, you will not need to enter the sign-on information again.

  1. Select My Hall Pass from the My Edline menu.
  2. To access the website you want, click the Go!