How do I register for CourseSites as a student?

You can create an account for CourseSites by completing the registration form at Choose Student in the drop-down box for Registering as.

You may also be sent a registration link by your instructor. When you click this link you will be taken to the registration page where you can complete the form to register if you don’t have an account.

I have an account on CourseSites already. How do I enroll on a Course?

Course enrolment is controlled by your Instructor. Your Instructor can share a registration link with you. When you click the link and see the registration page, choose the link which says Existing users may click this link to sign in. You will be taken to the main login page. Login to see your new course.

If you have a problem getting logged in, contact your instructor. We are not able to enroll you on a course.

What browser should I use?

CourseSites supports Chrome, Edge, Firefox and Safari. Full details on versions supported can be found in our pages on browser support.

You can also use the browser checker tool to get a report on the suitability of your browser for CourseSites.

Internet Explorer is not supported.

I’ve forgotten my password. How can I reset it?

There is an automated password reset facility. From the login page at, click the Forgot Password? link below the Sign In button. You can reset your password by providing three pieces of information. Either:

  • Username, First Name, Lastname
  • Email, First Name, Last Name

If these three pieces of information exactly match what we have in the database, an email will be sent to your registered email address with a link to reset your password.

If you cannot access your registered email address we will be unable to provide a way for you to access your account again so please ensure you keep this up to date.

Is CourseSites mobile friendly? Is there an app?

Yes. CourseSites is responsively designed meaning it adjusts to a wide variety of screen sizes for mobile devices, tablets, laptops, and desktops. CourseSites also pairs with the Blackboard app for students. Simply download the app, type CourseSites by Blackboard as the school name, and use your CourseSites username and password. View the instruction guide for more details on the mobile app.

I’ve got a problem with my course. I’ve submitted something when I didn’t mean to. What can I do?

Contact your instructor. Blackboard cannot help with course issues such as removing submissions or correcting grades.

I’ve paid for my course but I cannot access it. How do I get a refund?

CourseSites users are not allowed to charge for courses delivered through CourseSites. If you have paid any fee for a course delivered through CourseSites the course owner is in breach of our terms of use. Please inform Blackboard by contacting the support team through one of the methods listed below.

How can I delete my account?

If you need to delete your account, please contact the support team through one of the methods listed at the foot of this page. You will need to be able to receive email to the registered email address in order to verify your identity for the team to delete your account. Once deleted your account will not be recoverable.

If you cannot access your registered email address we will be unable to delete your account so please ensure you keep this up to date.

None of the FAQs answered my question

If you can’t find the answer you are looking for, support is currently available in English at the times listed below. If after hours, we suggest you submit a ticket (requires logging into CourseSites). A support representative will contact you to discuss your question or issue.

Monday - Friday: 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. EDT
Saturday - Sunday: 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. EDT

From here

Live Chat: Launch a live chat session

When logged in to CourseSites

To connect with someone at CourseSites support, open the help panel in your browser. Log in to CourseSites and select the help icon in the corner of the browser window. You can submit a support ticket or start a live chat session to get the help you need.