This information applies only to the Ultra experience.

Let's get started!

We've listed a few things for you to try in the new CourseSites. Play around with these features and let us know what you think.

1. Become more than a username and build out your online profile.

2. Test our SMS notification feature to receive text message notifications while on-the-go! You can elect to turn this feature on in your profile under Global Notification Settings.

3. Use the activity stream to quickly access the most important information consolidated from all your courses.

4. Check out the Institution page, the go-to place to access valuable links, resources, and other content to help you get started in CourseSites.

5. Stay on task and add an event to the calendar.

6. View all your messages for all your courses on one page and create a message yourself.

7. Build an engaging Ultra course by uploading content (or just drag and drop), copying content from a past or existing Ultra course, creating content from scratch, and more.

8. Embed an existing video directly into the content editor, alongside your other content. Simply paste the video link, add alternative text, and save.

9. For class meetings, try out the Attendance tool to mark whether a student is present, late, absent, or excused. You can use attendance as part of calculating grades just as you can for an assignment.

10. See how easy it is to manage and create discussions by selecting the caption bubble icon in the top right-hand corner of the main course page.

11. Create an assessment in the Ultra Course View. Simply, select the plus sign and choose Create to add an assignment or test to your course. Plus, check out the many settings available including multiple attempts, group assignments, timed tests/assignments, and more.

12. Evaluate a test, assignment or discussion by creating a rubric to assess and grade student work based on your chosen criterion.

13. Check the originality of a student submission in assignments, discussions, and essay test questions with SafeAssign - a tool used to promote originality.

14. Start office hours or a virtual class by jumping into your Blackboard Collaborate course room. Plus, the purple indicator alerts you and your students to when others are in the room.

15. Go mobile with your teaching and learning with the Blackboard Instructor app and the Blackboard app for students.