How do I register for CourseSites as an Instructor?

You can create an account for CourseSites by completing the registration form at Choose Professor/Instructor in the drop-down box for Registering as.

How many courses do I get to conduct live teaching?

When you register for CourseSites as an Instructor, you are provided with five course shells to play with, build out content, and conduct live teaching. The courses are provided in the Ultra Course View. New Instructors registering also get a demo course with exemplary content that demonstrates best practices and the Ultra Course View's potential. The demo course is not intended to be used for real teaching. It is possible to enroll student accounts into the course so you can review the student experience. However, the course storage quota has been significantly limited and changes/updates may be rolled out in future which could overwrite your content if you teach using this course.

Prior to October 28, 2020, new users registering for CourseSites as Instructors were also provided with five courses in the Original course view in addition to the five Ultra courses. The Original course view is not available to new users registering for CourseSites. Ultra courses cannot be converted to the Original course view.

What if I need more courses?

Our Terms of Use restrict users to the five course shells they are provided with on creating an account. We provide CourseSites free of charge and in order to maintain this service we need to restrict the number of courses users are able to use.

Prior to October 28, 2020, users registering for CourseSites were provided with ten courses. The change to five courses does not change the rights of users who registered as Instructors before October 28, 2020 to use the ten courses they were provided with when registering as per the Terms of Use.

Can I charge students for courses I deliver on CourseSites?

No. Our Terms of Use state that you may not charge any fees to any party for their use of your CourseSite. Even if CourseSites is a very small part of what you are delivering, you may not use CourseSites if you are charging students for any part of their tuition.

Failure to comply with terms of use will lead to termination of accounts and courses.

Can I use CourseSites?

We recommend that you review the CourseSites Terms of Use to decide if you are able to use CourseSites with particular reference to clause 6.

What browser should I use?

CourseSites supports Chrome, Edge, Firefox and Safari. Full details on versions supported can be found in our pages on browser support.

You can also use the browser checker tool to get a report on the suitability of your browser for CourseSites.

Internet Explorer is not supported.

I’ve forgotten my password. How can I reset it?

There is an automated password reset facility. From the login page at, click the Forgot Password? link below the Sign In button. You can reset your password by providing three pieces of information. Either:

  • Username, First Name, Lastname
  • Email, First Name, Last Name

If these three pieces of information exactly match what we have in the database, an email will be sent to your registered email address with a link to reset your password.

If you cannot access your registered email address we will be unable to provide a way for you to access your account again so please ensure you keep this up to date.

How can I invite students to participate?

Course invitation links will stop working from July 1, 2021, as the end of support date for CourseSites approaches.

Select Roster under Details & Actions on the side of the course page and then select the Invite plus sign in the top corner of the page. On the Invite Students panel, you can invite students in two ways:

  • Paste the email addresses of the students you want to invite. You can add as many email addresses as you want by separating each address with a comma.
  • Scroll down to the Shareable Link to copy the link you can with students to allow them to enroll in your course.

If you registered for CourseSites before October 28, 2020 and you are still using the Original course view with students, go to the Control Panel in the course menu, select Users and Groups and then Users:

  • Copy the shareable link provided, which can be shared with students to allow them to enroll in your course.

Course invitation links will expire 90 days after being generated. A new link can be generated by the Instructor at any time. You do not need to wait for the old link to expire.

Can I batch enroll students in my course?

No. We do not provide a batch enroll capability in CourseSites. You need to invite students by using the invitation links as described above.

How can I add another instructor to my course?

To add another user as an instructor, send them an invite link to the course to enable them to enroll as a student and then elevate their privileges by changing their role.

For Ultra courses:

  1. Select Roster from the Details & Actions menu on the left in the course
  2. Click on the three horizontal dots next to the name of the user you want to change and select Edit member information
  3. Choose Instructor from the drop down menu under the Role heading
  4. Click the Save button at the bottom right of the Member Information pane

For Original courses:

  1. From the Course Management menu, select Users and Groups > Users
  2. Roll the mouse cursor over the username of the user you want to change the role for to show the options menu (the little downward pointing arrow)
  3. Click the options menu button and choose Change User's Role in Course
  4. Select the Instructor role by clicking the radio button
  5. Click Submit to save the change

I need to pass ownership of the course to another person. How do I do this?

This is not possible. When you create the instructor account in CourseSites and your courses are created, the contractual relationship entered into is between Blackboard and you as an individual instructor. It is not between Blackboard and any organization. We do not offer a process to transfer ownership of a course to another individual.

If you need to transfer content, we recommend creating an export package of the course which another individual can restore in their own account.

Can I import courses into CourseSites?

You can import a course package from a previous course on another environment. When you import content, the content comes over in bulk—all of the content comes over at once. You can import content from the Original or Ultra Course View. 

Import content
On the Course Content page, open the menu on the right side above the content list. Select Import Content > Import Course Content and choose the course package to upload from your computer. All of the content from the package imports to your course. The new content appears at the end of the content list. The import doesn't include student enrollments or data, such as discussion activity and grades.

Import course content

More on importing course content

The imported course will appear in the Ultra course view, even if the source package came from an Original course.

Can I restore a course archive package containing student accounts and data such as the gradebook?

No. Instructors in CourseSites do not have the necessary privileges to restore archive packages containing users and course data. Export packages can be restored containing the course content.

How do I know if I am close to my 1GB limit of course content? How do I calculate the size of my course currently?

If your registered email address is set up correctly, you will receive an email when you have reached 750MB of content in the course to inform you.

You can use the content collection to find out how big your course is currently at any time.

Ultra courses:

  1. Open the Create menu and select Content Collection
  2. Click the button to browse the content collection
  3. On the right hand side of the screen just under the search box it states Available Quota in MB and as a percentage

Original courses:

  1. In the Course Management menu, expand the Control Panel and select Content Collection
  2. Click on the course ID displayed at the top of the list
  3. The next screen shows the course ID at the top of the page with a little downward pointing chevron next to it. Click the chevron and select Edit Settings
  4. The quota information is displayed underneath the folder information

Student assignment submissions are not counted towards your course quota

I haven’t logged in for a little while. My account and/or my courses have been deleted. Is there anything I can do?

No. CourseSites is a free service offered "as is". As such we will periodically carry out ‘housekeeping’ activities to remove users and content who are not active. Per the Terms of Use, if you do not log in to the environment for more than 60 days, your account and any courses you own may be deleted and will not be recoverable.

Is CourseSites available in languages other than US English?

The Ultra experience is available in many languages. In the Ultra experience, you may set a language pack for all of your courses. Your students can change their preferred language as well.

View and change the language at a user level:

  1. Select Language on your profile.
  2. Select a language pack from the menu.
  3. Select Submit.

More on changing the language pack

Can I use Collaborate with the Ultra experience in CourseSites?

Collaborate is integrated with Learn Ultra, which allows you to explore and experiment with your CourseSites account. To make it available in your Ultra course, use these steps:

  1. Blackboard Collaborate with the Ultra experience gives you a room for each of your courses. We call this a Course Room. You can find the Course Room in your course's Details & Actions section.
  2. On the New Session panel, you can set the title, date/time, and other settings. Remember, if you use guest access ONLY, your students' names aren't pulled into the session.
  3. Select Session Settings on the panel to allow moderator and participant permissions.
  4. After you choose Save, you'll see your sessions listed on the screen.

Session participants within CourseSites are limited to 10.
Recordings, breakout groups, telephony, timer, guest link access and netstats are not available in CourseSites.

As the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) global pandemic continues to unfold, many institutions around the world are leveraging Blackboard CourseSites to support blended and fully online instruction. We are grateful that our technologies are helping the broader educational community maintain continuity of instruction during this challenging time for instructors and students. CourseSites has always been free of charge and in order for us to continue to offer it free of charge, it has become necessary to restrict the number of session participants within a Blackboard Collaborate session (the virtual classroom/course room) to 10. We are mindful that this may be an issue for some instructors. If you need to run sessions for up to 100 session participants, you are able to purchase a Classroom License. Purchase a Classroom License.

If you have further questions about Collaborate with the Ultra experience, check out the Collaborate Ultra help pages.

Is CourseSites mobile friendly? Can I use it with the Blackboard app for students and the Blackboard Instructor app?

Yes. The Ultra experience is responsively designed, meaning it adjusts to a wide variety of screen sizes for mobile devices, tablets, laptops, and desktops. CourseSites also pairs with the Blackboard app for students and the Blackboard Instructor app. You and your students can easily stay connected and informed as well as complete common tasks from anywhere. Simply download the app, type CourseSites by Blackboard as the school name, and use your CourseSites username and password. View the instruction guide for more details on the mobile app.

Why can't I see my courses? Why can I only access my courses through my messages?

If you can't see your courses, check whether you have accidentally hidden them. Look at the filter for your courses

Show a hidden course. Filter the list by Hidden from me > point to a course card menu > select Show course.

Read more about the Ultra courses page

How can I delete my account?

If you need to delete your account, please contact the support team through one of the methods listed at the foot of this page. You will need to be able to receive email to the registered email address in order to verify your identity for the team to delete your account. Once deleted your account will not be recoverable. 

If you cannot access your registered email address we will be unable to delete your account so please ensure you keep this up to date.

Is Guest access available on CourseSites?

No. CourseSites users are required to be authenticated to access any part of the system. Guest access is disabled.

Why can't I change the Institution Page?

CourseSites is a shared environment. Every user of CourseSites sees the same Institution Page when they login to the environment. CourseSites users are not able to customise the Institution Page experience.

None of the FAQs answered my question

If you can’t find the answer you are looking for, support is currently available in English at the times listed below. If after hours, we suggest you submit a ticket (requires logging into CourseSites). A support representative will contact you to discuss your question or issue.

Monday - Friday: 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. EDT
Saturday - Sunday: 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. EDT

From here

Live Chat: Launch a live chat session

When logged in to CourseSites

To connect with someone at CourseSites support, open the help panel in your browser. Log in to CourseSites and select the help icon in the corner of the browser window. You can submit a support ticket or start a live chat session to get the help you need.