Emergency and Non-Emergence Opt-Outs

Starting in August 2017, Blackboard will be expanding the SMS capacity with the introduction of two new short codes: 82932 and 91841. This change will let you deliver SMS messages more quickly, and brings additional redundancy. Your recipients may now receive text messages you send through Connect from the following short codes:

  • Emergency and Outreach messages: 23177, 82932, and 63079
  • Non-emergency messages: 53291 or 91841 (for clients who have a dedicated non-emergency message configured for their account)

Blackboard looks forward to providing you with even better messaging tools through this update, and we thank you for your business. If you have any questions about this update or your account configuration, please feel free to contact our Connect Client Support at 866-360-2155 or [email protected].

The To-do List

  1. Review the following documents:
  2. Email [email protected] and provide the following:
    • If you would like the abbreviated account name (20-characters max) changed.
    • If you would like to setup a different short code for non-emergency text messages. (Optional)