Update the entire district, or individual schools.

  • Social media information.
  • Delivery options available to your district.
  • Enable the tip line feature for anonymous tips about school performance or bullying issues.
  • Update your report schedules.
  • Integrate your user information with Google.
  • Update dates and time for automated messages.

Manage organization settings

  1. From the Blackboard Communications HQ interface menu, select Settings > Organization Config.
  2. Select the district or school to update from the Organization Name.
  3. Type the district or school Name and Abbreviated Name.
  4. Select the Type of organization (such as District or High School).
  5. Select the Parent organization. This list is usually available for schools to select the district parent.
  6. Set the database ID for the organization as supplied by the Blackboard representative.
  7. Set the organization's contact information:
    • Type the Phone number.
    • Type the Fax number.
    • Type the general Email address.
    • Type the website URL of the organization's Home Page.
    • Type the full Address of the organization's location.
    • Type the URL of the organization's Facebook Page.
    • Type the organization's Twitter Handle.
    • Select the Country of the organization.
    • Select the Time Zone of the organization.
  8. Select Year Round it the district practices a full calendar year education.
  9. Select the name of the Help Contact.
  10. Select a Picture of the organization.
  11. Select Save when finished.

Once you set the basics, you can configure additional organization settings, including: