Keyboard Shortcuts

You can use keyboard shortcuts to quickly accomplish tasks you perform frequently. Keyboard shortcuts are one or more keys used in combination to perform a function within Blackboard Collaborate web conferencing. For example, instead of clicking the raise hand function in the Participants panel, press Ctrl+R (Command+R on Mac OS X).

Hot keys differ from standard keyboard shortcuts. To learn more, see Hot Keys.

The keyboard shortcuts were defined with an extended or full keyboard layout. If your keyboard does not have a key used in a keyboard shortcut, you need to use the menu item or toolbar function.

Keyboard shortcuts apply to the active shared application when the shortcuts are identical to the ones used in Blackboard Collaborate.

The following table lists the keyboard shortcuts-both standard and hot keys-present in Blackboard Collaborate to quickly perform a number of common functions. Keys are grouped into sections based on the Blackboard Collaborate module you are using.

To access the list of keyboard shortcuts while in a session, select Keyboard Shortcuts from the Help menu.

Key combinations
Function Windows Keys Mac Keys
Application, Window, and File Functions
Quit Blackboard Collaborate. Alt+F4


Hide Blackboard Collaborate. N/A Command+H
Hide other applications. N/A Option+Command+H
Close window: Notes, activity, closed captioning, and calculator. Alt+F4


Switch to whiteboard mode. Ctrl+Alt+W Command+Option+W
Switch to application sharing mode. Ctrl+Alt+A Command+Option+A
Switch to web tour mode. Ctrl+Alt+U Command+Option+U
Open the Preferences window. Ctrl+Comma Command+Comma
Save participants list, chat conversation, or whiteboard. Ctrl+S Command+S
Print participants list or whiteboard. Ctrl+P Command+P
Keyboard Navigation Functions
Move to the next main module in the user interface. The default order is Participants panel, Chat panel, collaboration toolbar, action bar, and Audio & Video panel.

If you change the order of the panels, the order will change.

F6 F6
Open the action bars of whiteboard and web tour modes. F6 F6
Move to the previous main module in the user interface. Shift+F6 Shift+F6
Move to the next user interface element, such as a button, field, or option in a main module or UI element. For example, if focus is in the collaboration toolbar, you can use Tab and Shift+Tab. You can move between the whiteboard, application sharing, web tour, the Information menu, the Load Content button, and the Record button. Tab Tab
Move to the previous user interface element, such as a button, field, or option in a main module. See preceding example for Tab. Shift+Tab Shift+Tab
Activate the currently selected function. Space Space
Enable tabbing in toolbars of secondary windows: Closed captioning, notes, activity, and file transfer. Alt+F8 Option+F8
Move keyboard focus between open windows: Notes, file transfer, activity, closed captioning, and calculator. Alt+F6
(Windows XP only)
Open the Options menu of the panel or toolbar in focus: Audio & Video, Chat, participants, whiteboard action bar, whiteboard navigation bar, and web tour. Ctrl+Shift+O Command+Shift+O
Activity Window Functions
Open activity window. Ctrl+/ Command+/
Close activity window. Ctrl+/



Audio Functions
Press the Talk button. This is a Hot Key. Ctrl+F2 Control+F2
Release the Talk button. This is a Hot Key. Ctrl+F2 Control+F2
Adjust microphone level down. Ctrl+Shift+Down Arrow Command+Shift+Down Arrow
Adjust microphone level up. Ctrl+Shift+Up Arrow Command+Shift+Up Arrow
Adjust speaker level down. Ctrl+Alt+Down Arrow Command+Option+Down Arrow
Adjust speaker level up. Ctrl+Alt+Up Arrow Command+Option+Up Arrow
Video Functions
Start video transmission. This is a Hot Key. Ctrl+F3 Control+F3
Stop video transmission. This is a Hot Key. Ctrl+F3 Control+F3
Whiteboard Functions
Select all objects in whiteboard. Ctrl+A Command+A
Open Page Explorer window. Ctrl+Shift+P Command+Shift+P
Open Object Explorer window. Ctrl+Shift+T Command+Shift+T
Copy selected objects or text in whiteboard. Ctrl+C Command+C
Cut selected objects or text in whiteboard. Ctrl+X Command+X
Paste copied or cut objects or text to whiteboard. Ctrl+V Command+V
Group selected objects. Ctrl+G Command+G
Ungroup selected objects. Ctrl+U Command+U
Delete selected objects or text in whiteboard. Delete




Go to next page. Alt+Page Down Option+Page Down
Go to previous page. Alt+Page Up Option+Page Up
Move to first page at this topic level. Alt+Home Option+Home
Move to last page at this topic level. Alt+End Option+End
Application Sharing Functions
Take back control of application sharing. This is a Hot Key. Ctrl+Space Control+Space
Stop application sharing. This is a Hot Key. Ctrl+Shift+S Control+Shift+S
Chat Functions
Move cursor to the message box of the Chat panel. Ctrl+M Command+M
Select all chat text in the conversation pane. Ctrl+A Command+A
Copy selected chat text in the conversation pane. Ctrl+C Command+C
Paste copied chat text to chat message box, whiteboard, or external application. Ctrl+V Command+V
Participants Panel Functions
Raise or lower your hand. Ctrl+R Command+R
Show that you have stepped away or come back. Ctrl+Shift+A Command+Shift+A
Show smiley face. Alt+1 Option+1
Show LOL. Alt+2 Option+2
Show applause. Alt+3 Option+3
Show confusion. Alt+4 Option+4
Show approval. Alt+5 Option+5
Show disapproval. Alt+6 Option+6
Show slower when you want the presenter to slow down. Alt+7 Option+7
Show faster when you want the presenter to speed up. Alt+8 Option+8
Show none when you want to clear all displayed emoticons. Alt+0 Option+0
Notes Functions
Open notes window. Ctrl+E Command+E
Close notes window. Alt+F4


Closed-Captioning Functions
Open closed-captioning window. Ctrl+F8 Command+F8
Close closed-captioning window. Alt+F4


Polling Functions
Yes - polling response Ctrl+1 Command+1
No - polling response Ctrl+2 Command+2
A - polling response Ctrl+1 Command+1
B - polling response Ctrl+2 Command+2
C - polling response Ctrl+3 Command+3
D - polling response Ctrl+4 Command+4
E - polling response Ctrl+5 Command+5
None Ctrl+0 Command+0