Hot Keys

Hot keys differ from standard keyboard shortcuts in two ways:

  • You can modify the definition of these keys.
  • You do not need to have input focus on the Blackboard Collaborate window to use them. They are available system-wide.

The default hot keys are listed in the following table.

Hot key combinations
Function Windows Keys Mac OS X Keys
Press or release the Talk button Ctrl+F2 Control+F2
Take back control of application sharing Ctrl+Space Control+Space
Stop application sharing Ctrl+Shift+S Control+Shift+S
Start or stop video transmission Ctrl+F3 Control+F3

You can redefine the default hot keys in the Preferences window in the General preferences section.

Windows: The hot key is restricted to one character. You may include one or more modifier keys in Windows:

  • Shift
  • Control
  • ALT

Mac OS X: The hot key must include at least one modifier key in the keystroke:

  • Shift
  • Control
  • Option
  • Command

If you change the default definition of a hot key, be sure not to change the definition to that of a hot key used by another application. Also, avoid key combinations that conflict with standard keyboard shortcut operations.