To change the settings of the Moodle Module activity module, follow the steps below.

  1. Log in to your Moodle site as the Moodle Administrator (for example, by opening

    The Administration page opens.

  2. In the Settings area, choose Site Administration > Plugins > Activity Modules > Manage activities.

    The Activities configuration page opens.

  3. Under the Settings column, click on the Settings link for Blackboard Collaborate Session.

    The Blackboard Collaborate Session configuration page opens.

  4. Enter the appropriate Session Administration System information (refer to your Blackboard Collaborate Moodle Module for Web Conferencing welcome e-mail):
    • Server URL is the URL of the Blackboard Collaborate scheduling server that has been enabled for web services access.

      The URL must be set to use version 3 of the adapter. The upgrade process will automatically set this to the correct URL if you upgrade from a previous version. Do not alter it.

    • Username and Password are the credentials of the account on the Blackboard Collaborate scheduling server to be used for Moodle administration.
  5. Select a Default Boundary Time for all Blackboard Collaborate sessions. This is the number of minutes (15, 30, 45 or 60) before the scheduled start time of a session during which a participant may join the session. If you want teachers to be able to set their own boundary time, select Choose. The default is 15 minutes.
  6. Specify whether or not you want the following user options and permissions turned on or off by setting to them to Yes (on) or No (off). The default is No for all options.
    • Pre-Populate Moderators - Pre-populates all Blackboard Collaborate Sessions associated with the course with the users who have the permission to moderate sessions within the course.
    • Raise Hand on Entry - Automatically raises the hand of every user who joins the session. By default, you will hear an audible notification when someone raises their hand.
    • Permissions On - Grants full Moderator permissions to all users who join the session. This permits users to upload content, control the permissions of other users, and any other permission normally limited to instructors.
    • Must be Supervised - Permits Moderators to view all private chat messages in the Blackboard Collaborate Session. All session attendees will see an icon in the Chat panel to notify them that Moderators are able to view private messages.
  7. Configure Enable Session Teleconference.
    • Choose -- Moderators can choose, for each session, whether or not teleconferencing will be enabled.
    • Yes -- Teleconferencing will be enabled for all new sessions.
    • No -- Teleconferencing will be disabled for all new sessions
  8. Specify whether or not you want Web Services Debugging turned on (Yes) or off (No). The default is No.
  9. Set the Log Level to control how much information is written to logs.

    ERROR is the least verbose level and DEBUG is the most verbose. Usually this should be set to ERROR. Only set this to DEBUG on the advice of Blackboard Technical Support.

    Logs are stored in the Moodle data directory in blackboard_collaborate/sas/logs. Moodle does not automatically remove old logs, so you should set up a cron job to do so periodically.

  10. Click Save changes to complete the configuration.

    The module will automatically check the connection. You should see Connection test succeeded!.

You are now ready to add Blackboard Collaborate activities into courses on your site.