Moderators can make participants presenters. This means that you can upload, share, edit, and stop sharing content. You can also see hand raise notifications and can lower hands.

You are automatically a presenter in your own group when moderators start breakout groups. To learn more, see Breakout groups.

More on the different roles in Collaborate

Share content

The Ultra experience of Blackboard Collaborate makes it easy to share your knowledge. You can upload content, including PowerPoint® presentations, or share your desktop screen to show more details.

More on sharing content in the moderator help

Manage raised hands

Attendees can raise their hands any time during your session. You can choose to call on them now or close the notification and call on them later.

More on managing raised hands in the moderator help


Only moderators can record sessions. If you want to record a session, ask your moderator to start and stop the recording.