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Adjust recording playback speed

Continuous Delivery Collaborate Ultra 21.18 | Release to Production: 14 October 2021
New features

More and more students are using recordings as a way to catch up on missed sessions and review content to better assimilate. With that in mind, and based on student feedback, anyone can now adjust the speed of the recording to suit their needs.

With this feature, viewers can choose between a range of speeds (0.5x, 0.75x, 1x, 1.25, 1.5, 2x) to playback recorded video.

Viewers can now go faster to save some time, or because it’s easier to understand. Or they can go slower to catch more of what is being said, or because the video is in a different language. These are just few examples of the advantages of being able to change speed when playing a recording.

More on recordings

Playback speed option is located between the volume and closed caption options on the recording playback controls.

Breakout groups integration with Blackboard Learn groups

Continuous Delivery Collaborate Ultra 21.16 | Release to Production: 9-13 September 2021
New features, Blackboard Learn integration

Groups created in your Blackboard Learn course are now available in your course Collaborate sessions for breakouts. Instructors can use their existing course groups to create breakout groups in advance and save time. Build on existing student collaboration. With this integration, students can stay in their same group without extra work for the instructor. In the Collaborate session, the instructor can also enjoy some flexibility and adjust groups as needed without impacting the groups in Learn. For example, to balance groups among attendees.

The Collaborate and Blackboard Learn groups integration is available on the SaaS deployment. It applies to both experiences:

  • Original course experience group sets (not standalone groups)
  • Ultra course experience course level groups

The Collaborate and Blackboard Learn groups integration will be released gradually from 9 September to 13 September.

Browser not supported warning

Continuous Delivery Collaborate Ultra 21.16 | Release to Production: 9 September 2021
New features

To get the best experience, attendees should join sessions with a supported browser. When attendees join with an unsupported browser they may still be able to join the session but their experience won't be the same. Sometimes older devices won't let users upgrade their browsers. Sometimes users don't realize their browser isn't supported and reach out to their support desk when they run into issues that could have been solved by a browser update.

Our user groups suggested we pro-actively inform users and encourage them to upgrade, in order to lower case load and improve their experience. We still let those users enter the session, but at least they know what they can do to improve their experience. Thank you for your feedback, we're happy to bring this to you to make the back to school experience smoother.

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