Engage in a virtual classroom as if it were face-to-face!

More students can participate more often. The browser-based sessions can be joined easily and quickly from anywhere there is an internet connection. Students can participate in a course despite situations that would traditionally make them absent.

Student-to-student and student-to-instructor interaction increases. "Discussions can again be dynamic and spontaneous, spirited and engaging, because the audio and video components of the interface promote real-time learning and discussion."1

It promotes active learning. Students can share their ideas and feedback in real-time. They can remain engaged through chat discussions and using interactive whiteboards.

Auditory learners are engaged. Traditionally online courses are completely text-based. With Blackboard Collaborate you can engage learners with different learning styles.

Students can review the content they found confusing at their own pace. Record sessions for future reference.

Use It In Your Course

What do you have? Select the option that seems familiar.

Moderator access to the Collaborate Scheduler

You access Collaborate from a URL. In the list you see your name first, sessions, recordings, logout, and an option to switch to the original experience.

Collaborate in a Blackboard Open LMS course

Blackboard Open LMS instructors can click Add activity or resource to access Collaborate.

Collaborate in a Blackboard Learn course

Blackboard Learn instructors using the Original Course View can access Blackboard Collaborate under Course Tools in the Course Management menu.

In the Ultra Course View, instructors can access Blackboard Collaborate in the Details & Actions menu on the Course Content page.

Collaborate in an LTI compatible Learning Management System

You access Collaborate from inside your course. It opens in your learning management system. In the list you see your name first, sessions, and recording. There is no logout or option to switch experiences in the list.

Moderator access to the Original Session Administration System

You access Collaborate from a URL. In the tabs you see My Schedule, Recordings, Profile, Utilities, Reports, and Logout.


1. Macaulay, Linda, EdD., and La Tonya Dyer. "Adding a Synchronous Component to Online Courses." Faculty Focus. Magna Publications, 14 Nov. 2011. Web. 15 Sept. 2015.