Blackboard Collaborate is integrated with CourseSites as a fully integrated tool throughout the environment.

However, the integration of Collaborate inside CourseSites is limited in these ways:

  • Only 10 participants can join
  • You can't record sessions
  • You can't use Breakout Groups
  • You can't use the Timer
  • You can't see the connection status of anyone
  • Guest link access isn't available

If your institution has a Collaborate license, you can add the full version to your CourseSites courses.

Integrate your licensed version of Collaborate with CourseSites

Collaborate users paying for a Department license or an Enterprise license are able to request LTI credentials to integrate Collaborate with an LMS. This is typically done by a user with a System Administrator role as a site wide tool. CourseSites is a shared platform used by hundreds of thousands of users and CourseSites users are only granted the role of Instructor or Student in a course context.

However, it is easy for individual instructors to add LTI tools like Collaborate to their courses and use an integrated version of Collaborate as a result.

Request your LTI Credentials

Only system administrators can request LTI credentials. 

If your license entitles you to integrate Collaborate with an LMS, you can request credentials by opening a ticket with Behind the Blackboard.

More on how to request your credentials 

If you already have Collaborate integrated with another LMS, you should open a ticket to request a different set of credentials. You can however use the same credentials inside different courses in CourseSites.

You'll need the following information that Blackboard gives you:

  • The LTI Service URL. The URL depends on the region you are hosted in.
    • US-SAS:
    • CA-SAS:
    • EU-SAS:
    • AU-SAS:
  • Username = Consumer Key
  • Password = Shared Secret/Security Token

You may also receive a CSA service URL. You don't need this URL for setting up the integration.

Add the integration to your course

  1. Sign into CourseSites as an instructor and go to the course you want to add Collaborate to.
  2. Select Create.
  3. Select Teaching tools with LTI connection.
  4. Replace the New LTI Link text with something meaningful for your students. For example, Blackboard Collaborate. This text appears on the Course Content page.
  5. Add the Configuration URL. Use the LTI Service URL for your region.
  6. Add the provided Key and Security Token.
  7. Leave the Open in new window check box clear.
  8. Select Save.

The Collaborate integration appears on your Course Content page. The integration uses the default New LTI Link text, if you don't change it to something meaningful.

Make the integration visible to students, if you want them to use it.

After you select the integration, the Collaborate Scheduler opens inside a course panel. Attendees joining a session enter with the name they used when they enrolled in the CourseSites course.

Disable the original course room

To limit confusion and stop students from joining the wrong course room, disable the Collaborate course room under Details & Actions. Students will only be able to join the room in the integration.

  1. From the Details & Actions, find Blackboard Collaborate.
  2. Select the More options for Collaborate menu.