Break it down for your students!

Sections help you to organize your course resources and activities for students. Each section can have a name and summary followed by activities and resources. You can edit the settings of sections to update the names, create summaries and restrict access to all activities and resources listed inside each section.

Depending on how you decide to separate the course pages, such as by topic or by week, your sections should reflect that organization. Sections are a way for you to add one or more weeks or topics to your course without having to modify the course settings. This is beneficial for courses that are built off templates but need additional sections for use. 

By default, new sections are added to the end of the course outline. You can move sections anywhere in the course using the move tool.

If you see a gauge icon in any of your sections, your institution uses Ally to measure the accessibility of course content. To learn more, see Ally help for instructors.

How it looks in Snap
How it looks in another theme

Add a section

Open the page in your course where you want to add a section.

Steps in Snap: Create a new section

Steps in other themes: Admin > Course Admin > Edit settings > Increase number of sections

How it looks in Snap
How it looks in another theme
  1. Type the Section name.
    How it looks in Snap
    How it looks in another theme
  2. Place text, images, or multimedia into the Summary. In the HTML editor, use the toolbar toggle to show more buttons for text formatting and adding images and multimedia.
  3. Optionally, you can restrict access to the section.

    More on common settings

  4. Select Save changes.