Introducing the Classic theme

As part of the constant evolution of Moodle, Moodle HQ has decided to remove Clean and More themes from their codebase starting in Moodle 3.7. This change allows Moodle HQ to focus on the Boost theme and new themes with more modern technology and user experience.

The Open LMS team has stated that we would support the Clean and More themes as long as they were part of Moodle HQ's codebase. This announcement from Moodle HQ marks the start of the process to remove our support for those themes, as they currently are, in Open LMS 3.7 in December 2019.

Moodle HQ created a new theme, Classic, that mimics the Clean theme. This theme offers more modern technology and an updated user experience. The Classic theme is available and supported starting with the Open LMS 3.6 release.

Clean theme

Classic theme