Gather your students' thoughts.

The Questionnaire module is a survey type of activity that you can use to create a wide range of questions to gather data from students.

Add questionnaires

Steps in Snap: Create learning activity or resource > Questionnaire > Add

Steps in other themes: Turn editing on > Add an activity or resource > Questionnaire > Add

How it looks in Snap
How it looks in another theme
  1. Type a meaningful name and description. The description displays to students when they view the questionnaire. Check the Display description on course page box if you want the description to show there.
  2. Set the questionnaire Timing:
    • Use Open Date: Specify a date to open the questionnaire. Users will not be able to fill out the questionnaire before that date. If this is not selected, it will open immediately.
    • Use Close Date: Specify a date to close the questionnaire. Users will not be able to fill out the questionnaire after that date. If this is not selected, it will never close.
  3. Set the questionnaire Response options:
    • Type: Select whether users will be allowed to respond once, daily, weekly, monthly or an unlimited number of times (many).
    • Respondent Type: You can set this option to display your participants' full names, or set this to anonymous.
    • Students can view ALL responses: Set when users can view responses - After answering the questionnaire, After the questionnaire is closed, or Always.
    • Save/Resume answers: Setting this option allows users to save their answers to a questionnaire before submitting them. Users can leave the questionnaire unfinished and resume from the save point at a later date.
    • Allow branching questions: Determine whether or not to set child sub-questions off a main parent question.
    • Auto numbering: Determine how you want to number the questionnaire pages and questions - Do not number questions and pages, Auto number questions, Auto number pages, or Auto number pages and questions.
    • Submission grade: You can choose to assign a grade to users who submit the questionnaire according to grading strategies in place in the course.
  4. Set the following optional items:
    • Outcomes
    • Common module settings
    • Restrict access
    • Activity completion
    • Competencies
  5. Click Save and display to begin adding questions to the questionnaire.

Add and manage questions

  1. After you save the questionnaire, select Add questions.
  2. Select a question type:
    • Check boxes
    • Date
    • Drop-down box
    • Essay box
    • Label
    • Numeric
    • Radio buttons
    • Rate (scale 1-5)
    • Text box
    • Yes/No
  3. Click Add selected question type to add it to the questionnaire.
  4. Set the question details. Details differ depending on the question type, but most include the following settings:
    • Question name
    • Response is required - Yes/No
    • Question text
    • Possible answers

    More on the Moodle website (may be available in English only)

  5. Select Save changes.
  6. To rearrange the order of questions, or to change or delete questions from the questionnaire, select the icons available in the Manage questions section.

To preview the questions, select the Preview tab.

Advanced settings for questionnaires

Select Advanced settings to define the questionnaire submission and feedback options.

  • Content options: Provide a title and and optional subtitle. The subtitle appears on the first page only. You can also type any other additional information.
  • Submission options:
    • Confirmation URL/Confirmation page: Type the URL to which a user is redirected after completing this questionnaire.
    • Heading/Body text: Type the heading (in bold) and body text for the Confirmation page displayed after a user completes this questionnaire.
    • Email: Send a copy of each submission to the specified address or addresses. You can provide more than one address by separating them with commas.
  • Feedback options:
    • Feedback options: Feedback options are available if your questionnaire contains any radio buttons, drop-down boxes, or rate questions. Set the feedback to No feedback messages, Global feedback, or the question's Feedback sections.
    • Display scores: Determine whether or not to display feedback scores.
    • Feedback notes: Type any feedback notes to appear at the end of the feedback report.

Determine questionnaire completion

Steps in Snap: Questionnaire > Edit > Activity completion

Steps in other themes: Turn editing on > Questionnaire > Edit > Edit Settings > Activity completion

You can determine to mark the questionnaire activity as completed.

  • Completion tracking: Options include Do not indicate activity completion, Students can manually mark the activity as completed, and Show activity as complete when conditions are met.
  • Student must submit this questionnaire to complete it: When the Completion tracking is set to Show activity as complete when conditions are met, this option will be available. Determine if the activity will be marked as complete after the student completes the questionnaire.
  • Expect completed on: Enable this feature and set a date for when it is expected participants will be marked as completed.