What are collections and how do they relate to my content?

Collections are a mechanism for users to organize and group content together in a purposeful, intentional manner. You can share collections with other users, but only a collection creator can modify the content or organization of a collection. Collections can contain any type of resource except other collections. When you add a collection to another collection, the contents of the original collection are placed within the new collection, but any resources present in the new collection will be persisted as well. If a user wants to edit a collection another user has created, the user can make a blank collection and copy the structure and content from one collection to another (if the permissions of the collection being copied allow for this).

Can I edit collections after I have created them?

An owner of a collection can edit collection titles, descriptions, and logos at any time. Other metadata on the collection can be edited by anyone within the scope of the permissions associated with the collection, always inclusive of the collection owner. The content within collections [currently] cannot be edited, other than to add new content to the collection.

Can I use collections within my courses?

You can use collections as surrogates for courses. They can easily mimic a course's structure and content. When you add a collection to a course, the folders and resources within the collection will be created within the course. This allows users to set up entire courses within a collection, and populate a course with a single click.