Adoption Toolkit for Blackboard Instructor

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    The linked files are available in English only unless otherwise noted.

    Blackboard Instructor gives instructors a simple and intuitive way to manage courses, interact with students, and view content. This adoption toolkit helps administrators and trainers educate users efficiently. Toolkit content can be sent in email, printed and distributed, or integrated with your school's own materials.

    Mobile Web Services B2 version 94.9.5+ is needed for the Blackboard Instructor app.


    Link to these videos to generate interest and inform your users quickly about the app features.

    Video: Blackboard Instructor App Tour shows the app's features in detail.

    Video: Introducing Blackboard Instructor provides a short introduction.

    App tile

    Download the app tile and resize as you wish. To save this image to your computer, right click and select Save image as.

    Help documentation

    Learn more about Blackboard Instructor and provide the link to your faculty.

    User-facing help for Blackboard Instructor

    Communication checklist

    We've developed a checklist to save time and take advantage of multiple channels. Download and customize this checklist to fit your school's needs.

    Blackboard Learn module

    This module is available in English only.

    Instructors’ Blackboard Learn home tab is a great place to help instructors discover and download the Blackboard Instructor app. The Download Blackboard Instructor module includes links to the Apple and Android download locations.

    If you're using Blackboard Learn 9.1, use these instructions to create a module manually. Modules are only available in the Original experience.

    Create a Blackboard Instructor module

    Announcement in Blackboard Learn

    Use the Announcements tool to let faculty know that Blackboard Instructor is available to download. Here’s an example:

    Blackboard Instructor is available in Apple and Google app stores now. You can manage your courses, send announcements, and connect with students on your phone or tablet. Download Blackboard Instructor today!

    More on announcements

    Resources for instructors

    Distribute these one-page documents to help instructors understand the app's benefits and features.

    This ebook can help instructors design mobile-friendly content.


    Postcards can help instructors quickly understand the benefits of Blackboard Instructor. We created three double-sided, print-ready postcards for you to print and distribute.