Introducing Blackboard Data Insider

The Blackboard Data Insider program provides eligible clients with early access to new features and functionality inside the Blackboard Data user interface, and in the future will include demos and previews of upcoming Blackboard Data products.

In the first phase of the Insider program we will invite Blackboard clients that license both Learn SaaS and Collaborate Ultra, and are hosted in the US, to join (“Eligible Clients”). Participants will be given credentials for up to five individuals to access the Insider zone of (“Authorized Users”) and will initially find an interactive report on Collaborate adoption.

As an Insider, you’ll be able to give feedback on the report so we can iteratively improve it and, over time, more reports will become available. Your feedback will help to ensure these reports meet your needs before they are released to the wider Blackboard Data community as the official Reporting Tier of the Blackboard Reporting Stack.

How do I join?

If your institution is eligible to join the Blackboard Data Insider program and has provisioned the Developer Tier of the Blackboard Reporting Stack before, please submit a Behind the Blackboard ticket requesting Blackboard Data Insider credentials (be sure to select the Insider Access category), providing full names, email addresses and institutional roles of those who require this access. If your institution is eligible but hasn’t provisioned the Developer Tier of the Blackboard Reporting Stack before, you’ll be invited to join the Program during the provisioning process.

These new credentials will be associated to each authorized user individually and can be used for both the Developer Tier (Snowflake) and the Insider zone. These credentials will be valid until we reach General Availability of the Reporting Tier of the Blackboard Reporting Stack in your region.

If your institution has provisioned the Blackboard Reporting Stack prior to June 29th, 2020, you should use your newly created accounts instead of the previously provided Snowflake generic user accounts (e.g. BBDATA_USER, BBDATA_ADMIN).

Once we reach General Availability, you and the other authorized users of your institution (up to 5 individuals) will be asked to transition both your individual accounts created for the Insider Program as well as previously generated Snowflake generic user accounts (e.g. BBDATA_USER, BBDATA_ADMIN) to use a new Single Sign-On (SSO) authentication method that you will use for both Snowflake and the Blackboard Data UI. We’ll make this process simple and let you know when this needs to happen. Once these accounts have been migrated, the generic accounts will be disabled. You'll be notified when this happens.

How many accounts can we create as an institution?

You’re allowed to create up to five (5) individual Blackboard Data Insider credentials per institution.

Where do I find the Insider Zone?

Once you’ve joined the program, visit and look for the Insider Access link in the top-right corner. You’ll then be taken to a login page where you’ll use your new Insider credentials.

What will I find in the Insider Zone?

The Insider Zone will be similar to as it will include a data dictionary, entity relationship diagrams, and guidance on privacy and security. The main difference you’ll see is that we added a new Reporting tab, where you'll get early access to new reports and functionalities we’re working towards for General Availability.

If my institution is not eligible for insider, when will I receive these reports?

Although your institution may not be eligible right now, we will widen eligibility in later phases of the program. We’ll let you know when this is about to happen, and you’ll then be able to access the Insider release of appropriate reports.