Steps to Join a Blackboard Collaborate Session

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    The Blackboard app enables you to join sessions in Collaborate with the Ultra experience from your mobile device!

    But...I'm not a student!

    • No worries. You don't have to be a student or a Blackboard product user.
    • You'll be prompted to download the Blackboard app.

    To get started, you'll need a Collaborate session link from the moderator.

    Moderators need to use Collaborate with the Ultra experience so that participants can collaborate in the Blackboard app. Collaborate with the Original experience isn't supported.

    Detailed steps to join a session

    In most cases, your instructor or session moderator provides a Collaborate session link outside of the Blackboard app. Session links are visible in the Blackboard app only if an instructor posted a Collaborate link in a course. The app doesn't contain a Collaborate tool, page, or icon where you can search for session links.

    1. Access the Collaborate session link provided by the session moderator. Typically, moderators provide the link in email, on a web page, or in a course.
    2. While on your mobile device, tap the link to open it.
    3. Select Blackboard from the list of apps on the browser page.
      • For Android and Windows, you might need to tap Join Session with Blackboard.
      • For iOS, you might be prompted to Open in Blackboard if this is your first time launching a Collaborate session. Tap Open.
      • If you don't have the Blackboard app 2.0 or later, tap Don't have the Blackboard app? on the login page. After you install the app, tap the Collaborate link provided by the moderator again.
    1. You're joined to the session in one of these ways:
      • If you logged in to the Blackboard app previously and are still logged in, the session opens.
      • If you don't want to log in to the Blackboard app, type your name and Join as Guest. If you're using Windows, type your name on the next screen.

        If your school isn't set up to use the Blackboard app, you'll always tap Join as Guest.

    1. See Collaborate in the Blackboard app to learn how to participate in a session.