Group Submissions

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    Bb Grader supports groups and submissions to group assignments.

    Grade a Group Submission

    To apply a grade to a group submission, tap the Grade icon in the upper right-hand corner of the interface. This will open the grading panel.

    To enter a grade for the submission, tap the empty box in upper right-hand corner of the grading panel and type a score for this submission. To exempt a submission, tap Exempt on the left-hand side of the keyboard.

    View Group Members

    When viewing a group submission, instructors can view the individual members by tapping the Group Members slide out at the bottom of the grading panel.


    Open Group Members

    Grade Group Members Individually

    You can apply grades to each group member individually using the group member slide out. To apply a grade to an individual in the group, tap the grade next to the individual's name and type a score.


    Group Submission Change Individual Grade

    Individual Grades for a particular group's submission can be viewed on the Submission Listing page by swiping to the left to reveal the Group Profile button. Tap the Group Profile button to view the individual scores.


    Group Submission: View Group Profile