After you log in to the app, the course page with the most recently submitted assignment displays. Assignments are listed in a grid format, and a progress bar displays beneath the assignment.


Assignment List in Grid Format

Progress Bar

The progress bar located beneath each assignment provides the instructor with visual cues about the completion status of each assignment.

  • Class progress on an assignment: Instructors can see approximately how many students have submitted the assignment based on the completion bar beneath the assignment. The length of color indicates the progression of student submissions. An unfilled/un-colored bar means some students still have not submitted to the assignment.
  • Missing submissions: The "[number] missing" description beneath the assignment displays exactly how many submissions are missing from a particular assignment.
  • Progress of sent vs. unsent grades: Instructors can see approximately how many submission grades have been sent back to the Blackboard Learn Grade Center. Green indicates sent grades. Black indicates unsent grades. To learn more about sending and sent vs. unsent grades, see Send Grades.

Assignment Filter

You can filter the assignment list by tapping a filter option located above the assignment list grid.

  • All: View all assignments for the course.
  • To Do: View ungraded submissions or assignments with unsent grades.
  • Completed: View assignments with all submissions graded and all grades sent.

Access the Submission List Page

You can access the submission list page by tapping on an assignment. From the submission list page, you can begin grading individual or group submissions.

View Another Course

You can select another course by tapping the course drop-down menu located at the top of the page.


Course Drop-down Menu