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    Accessibility scores

    Ally checks accessibility for your existing and newly uploaded course files. To measure accessibility, Ally assigns your file an accessibility score. Each score is composed of both a numerical number and a colored gauge that reflects the number.

    Typically, you should see your accessibility score within 15-90 seconds. This may take longer if your content is complex, or if you have a lot of course content and it is being assessed all at once.

    Content must be attached in a course to be included in the scoring. If you are using Blackboard Learn, content items in the Content Collection must be attached to a course to be included in the scoring. Any items in the Content Collection that are not attached in a course are ignored.

    Currently, Ally checks files in these formats:

    • PDF files
    • Office files (Word and Powerpoint)
    • OpenOffice/LibreOffice files (Writer and Impress)
    • Images
    • Uploaded HTML files

    Accessibility scores are determined by the severity of issues in each file. A low score indicates the file has severe or multiple accessibility issues; a high score means there are minor or no accessibility issues. For accessibility scores less than 100 percent, Ally gives you suggestions for improving the accessibility of the file.

    More on how to find accessibility scores

    Score icons

    There are four colors of accessibility icons: red, orange, and two shades of green, that represent your file’s accessibility:

    • 0 - 33 percent. Red icon. The file is not accessible and needs immediate attention. The accessibility score will range from 0 percent to 33 percent.
    • 34 - 66 percent. Orange icon. The file is somewhat accessible. The accessibility score will range from 34 percent to 66 percent.
    • 67 - 99 percent. Green icon. The file is accessible but could be improved. The accessibility score will range from 67 percent to 99 percent.
    • 100 percent: Perfect. Dark green icon. The file has perfect accessibility, with a score of 100 percent. There is no action needed to further improve.