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    Monitor and improve course accessibility at your institution.

    Blackboard Ally provides an institution-wide course content accessibility report that allows for deep insight and understanding into how the institution is performing and evolving from a course content accessibility point of view. This report helps track progress and can help highlight problem areas and identify initiatives that can further help improve accessibility at the institution.

    Open the report

    You can find the Ally institution report in your LMS.

    • Blackboard Learn: On the administrator panel under Tools and Utilities, select Ally Report.
    • Instructure canvas: Select Admin in the global navigation. Select an account and select Ally.
    • Moodlerooms and Moodle: From Site administration select Reports. Select Accessibility.
    • Custom Login Page: If you have access through a custom login page, type the LTI key and secret for your institution.

    Read the report

    Ally’s institution report includes Overview and Courses tabs so that you can get the big picture as well as specific details about the accessibility of your institution’s digital course content.


    The Overview tab shows accessibility details for the institution’s digital course content in the Learning Management System (LMS). To export your report, select Export in the upper right corner of the overview.

    Accessibility score

    Select term, month, or year to see the average accessibility score for all content created during that time. The table compares accessibility scores for content that used Ally and didn't use Ally. To narrow the results further, select a term in the lower left corner. Point to a period to view accessibility scores.

    A score of 50% means that the average accessibility score is 50%.

    Select a term

    View the total number of courses in the term and number of files uploaded for all courses, categorized by file type. Hover over a colored portion of the Total files uploaded to view information on the file type and number of files.

    Overall accessibility score

    View the term's average accessibility score for all files at the institution. with and without Ally. The Overall Accessibility Score is the average score for all the files at an institution. The Without Ally score indicates the accessibility of your institution's content before Ally’s services. The With Ally score indicates the accessibility of your institution's content after Ally's services. Courses for which the alternative accessible versions and instructor feedback are not enabled will not contribute to the With Ally score.

    Accessibility issues

    See all of the accessibility issues that were identified and how often they occurred. For each issue, Ally offers suggestions for improvement. You can view all issues or sort them by Severe, Major, or Minor.

    The figures listed represent the number of files that have the issue, out of the total number of files. Example: Above, 38,081 files have this issue out of a total of 108,123 files.


    The Courses tab shows you details on the average accessibility score for individual courses. You can sort this view by term. Select a different term by select the menu in the upper-right corner of the page.

    For each course in the selected term, see the number of students enrolled, the number of files uploaded, and the overall accessibility score. Select a course to view more details.

    Course details

    The Course Details page shows the number of students enrolled, total files uploaded, the accessibility score, and the accessibility issues. Point to the colored portions of the charts to view details.

    In the header, select Go to Course to access the course home page in Canvas or Blackboard Learn. From the course, you have access to view file accessibility and improve files through the instructor workflow.

    More on how instructors can improve file accessibility

    Accessibility issues – the list of issues that were identified in the course. You can sort by All, Severe, Major, and Minor issues.

    The figures listed represent the number of files that have the issue, out of the total number of files. Example: Above, 68 files have this issue out of a total of 182 files.

    Select an issue to view an explanation, a list of files that are known to have the issue, and the file accessibility score.

    What content does Ally check?

    Ally checks accessibility of files and content created in your system content editor (WYSIWYG). All new and existing content is checked.


    Ally assigns checks files and show instructors an accessibility score. Each score is composed of both a numerical number and a colored gauge that reflects the number. This data is included in the institutional report. Ally checks files in these formats:

    • PDF files
    • Office files (Word and Powerpoint)
    • OpenOffice/LibreOffice files (Writer and Impress)
    • Images
    • Uploaded HTML files

    Content editor (WYSIWYG) content

    This feature is currently only available for Instructure Canvas. Currently, instructors don't see an accessibility score for content created in their system content editor.

    Ally also checks these content types created through the system content WYSIWYG editor for accessibility issues. 

    • Page
    • Announcement
    • Assignment
    • Discussion Topic
    • Syllabus
    • Quiz

    This data is included in the institutional report.