Blackboard upgraded this help site ( to a new Drupal-based content management system on April 5, 2017.

From a practical perspective, the user experience didn't change. The front-end design is nearly identical to the old help site, and users who arrive from a link inside their product UI should still get to the right location. On the back end, the new infrastructure helps predict and remember a user’s product choices, which delivers more useful content to users.

Some “old” Learn help links do NOT work as expected on the new site. Instead of pointing to a specific page, they now point to the correct role landing page in the newest branch of Learn.

The new Learn help is “version agnostic,” meaning we’ve rewritten the content to include help for both Ultra and Original experiences and course views. Everything you and your users need for any version of Learn is in this location. This is the only Learn help on the new site. Older Learn 9.1 Help documentation is no longer available.

How do I update my "old" Learn help links?

To update links, you need to update and "old" links to use the newest branch of Learn Help.

Example of an “older” URL that redirects to the main Learn landing page at


Example of an “older” URL that redirects to the Learn Student landing page at


You must update these links to use the URL for the correct page in

How do I find the new Learn help links?

We have compiled a list of updated URLs for the 30 most visited Learn and Collaborate help topics for instructors and students. This can help you update your links if you haven't done so.

Top Topics and URLs
Feature Topic/Question URL
Assignments Create and edit assignments Instructor:
  Make assignments available Instructor:
  Offer another assignment attempt Instructor:
  Submit assignments Student:
  Did my assignment submit? Student:
  SafeAssign Instructor:
Password Lost or forgot my password Instructor:
Communication Contact instructor Student:
Course availability Make my course available Instructor:
  Drop or add a course Student:
  My course is missing Student:
Course content Make content available Instructor:
  Add content Instructor:
  Remove content Instructor:
  I don't see some content Student:
Tests, surveys, and pools Clear test attempt Instructor:
  Make tests available Instructor:
  Tests settings/options Instructor:
  Tests results Instructor:
Discussions Create threads Instructor:
  Discussion options Instructor:
  Make discussions available Instructor:
  Edit and delete posts Instructor:
Grading Calculate grades Instructor:
  Grade columns Instructor:
  Navigate grading Instructor:
  Where are my grades? Student:
Blackboard Collaborate Browser support Moderator:
  Connect with Blackboard Collaborate Technical Support Moderator:
  Download the launcher Moderator:


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