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You can view your grades for your discussion contributions in My Grades. The discussion grade row can contain a symbol indicating its status, such as an exclamation mark indicating it needs grading. Or, if your post has been graded, the grade appears.

  1. On the course menu, click Tools.
  2. On the Tools page, click My Grades.
  3. On the My Grades page, to view more detail, click the link to see the post's grade. You can also view:
    • Forum Statistics: Expand this section to view information about your posts, such as the number of Total Posts, Date of Last Post, Average Post Length, and Average Post Position.
    • Grade: This section provides information about your grade and any instructor's feedback. If your instructor used a rubric for grading, click View Rubric to display detailed grading information.

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To Learn More

To learn more about grades, see My Grades.

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